Your Cancer Care Team

No two people experience cancer the same, which is why at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we bring together a team designed to address your individual needs. We make you our number one priority and bring you compassionate, comprehensive cancer care that addresses every aspect of your illness from diagnosis to survivorship. Your entire team works together determinedly to give you the best possible outcome.

Cancer Care Physician

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For more information, please contact your oncologist or the Cancer Care Center at
(859) 301-4000

Cancer Care Doctor and Patient

Board-Certified Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

Radiation, Medical, Gynecologic, Neurological Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Hyperbaric Oxygen Physicians, and Oncology Nurse Practitioners.

The board-certified radiation and medical oncologists and gynecologic oncology surgeons at St. Elizabeth have the advanced training and expertise you need when facing a cancer diagnosis. They work with your family physician and our entire team of cancer experts to establish and coordinate a personalized plan of care focused on your individual needs.

Care doesn’t end when your treatments end. We offer a wide range of survivorship services to maintain and improve your health and quality of life. Our cancer specialists work with your primary care doctor and the rest of your care team to monitor your progress.

Certified Oncology Nurses

Certified Oncology Nurses, Research Nurses, Palliative Care Nurses, and Ostomy Nurses

Our nurses are passionate about the patients they care for. Each of our oncology nurses has extensive experience treating patients with cancer. They perform a wide range of care tasks, including:

  • Administering blood products
  • Administering chemotherapy
  • Assisting physicians in procedures
  • Carrying out physician orders
  • Offering guidance and support throughout treatment
  • Performing assessments
  • Providing patient education

Your oncology nurses can help you understand your illness, its treatment and the overall impact on your health.

Certified Oncology Nurse
Medical Physicists and Dosimetrists

Medical Physicists and Dosimetrists

Certified Medical Dosimetrists, and Medical Physicists

If you require radiation treatment, the medical physicists and dosimetrists at St. Elizabeth have an essential role. They work closely with your radiation oncologist to calculate the exact radiation dose distribution you need.

They measure output from radiation sources used in cancer therapy and make sure the amount of radiation our patients and staff are exposed to is below the acceptable level.

Oncology Social Workers

At St. Elizabeth, we understand that a cancer diagnosis affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Our oncology social workers provide counseling to you, your family and significant others.

Your oncology social worker helps you cope with emotional issues surrounding cancer, including your self-image, feelings of loss, and changing roles, relationships and lifestyle. They provide referrals to community agencies and support groups and can put you in touch with financial assistance programs.

Oncology Social Workers
Registered Radiation Therapists

Registered Radiation Therapists

The registered radiation therapists at St. Elizabeth are medical professionals who deliver radiation treatments using sophisticated, high-energy linear accelerators. Our therapists observe your progress during radiation therapy, monitor your reaction to treatments and watch for complications. They perform calculations and keep detailed records of the treatments you are given. Radiation therapists are also an important source of support. Be sure to let your therapist know if you are experiencing any discomfort or have any questions.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care services offer you and your loved ones the opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth during this challenging time in your lives.

Pastoral Care
Additional Supportive Services

Additional Supportive Services

Support Services include dieticians, genetic counselors, holistic therapies, home care/hospice services, hyperbaric oxygen technicians, laboratory technicians, lymphedema clinic, medical secretaries, pharmacists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and wound care specialists.

Cancer Researchers

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is dedicated to serving the needs of our cancer patients and families. Cancer research plays a very important role in meeting those needs. By following the progress of cancer patients, researchers can make ongoing improvements in cancer treatment and survival. This important medical information is collected and entered into a computerized program by certified oncology data specialists and kept in the cancer registry department. The information can later be trended locally, regionally and nationally to monitor our progress in cancer care.

Cancer is a reportable disease and the cancer registry is responsible for reporting all cancer cases diagnosed or treated at St. Elizabeth Healthcare since the year 2000. This expanded database monitors the incidence of various types of cancers in Kentucky and determines the true impact of cancer on our communities at large.

Each year, a member of our cancer registry staff may contact you or your physician to update your progress. In cooperation with your physician, we will continue to record follow-up examinations and any further treatment during your lifetime. The information you and your physician provide is strictly confidential, and is made available only in an unidentifiable format to parties involved in bettering services and quality of care in our community. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Any questions may be directed to the St. Elizabeth Cancer Registry.