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St. Elizabeth Breast Centers offer a full range of comprehensive breast health services. With several locations, conveniently located near your, our centers offer a variety of essential services from screening, imaging to diagnosis and consultation —all in one location. We prioritize your comfort and ensuring the highest quality of care tailored to your needs.

Our Services

Explore a variety of essential services, all available in one location:

Breast Ultrasound

State-of-the-art technology for detailed breast imaging.

Screening Mammography

St. Elizabeth follows the American College of Radiology recommendation of beginning baseline mammograms at age 40. However, if you have a strong family history (sister, mother or daughter) of breast cancer, you should have your mammogram ten years earlier than your loved one’s age at their diagnosis.

Screening mammograms do not require a doctor’s referral. Results are available within a few business days. Learn more about mammography.

Diagnostic Breast Imaging

If your screening mammogram identifies an abnormal area of breast tissue, your doctor will recommend a diagnostic mammogram to take a closer look.

3D Mammogram

We also offer 3D mammography (also known as tomosynthesis) at St. Elizabeth. This technology uses digital X-rays and computer software, similar to a CT scan, to create a 3D picture of your breast. Your doctor may recommend a 3D mammogram if you have dense breast tissue or if you have a family history of breast cancer. Check with your insurance prior to scheduling a 3D mammogram.

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To learn more about breast health at St. Elizabeth Breast Health or to schedule your mammogram appointment today, please call (877) 424-5750.

Why Choose St. Elizabeth Breast Center?

No matter what your breast journey looks like, our team is here to support and empower women in the Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Greater Cincinnati community.

Your Breast Center Care Team

When you are a patient at the St. Elizabeth Breast Center, you are in the best possible hands. In addition to being a nationally certified and accredited facility, our Breast Care team consists of dynamic specialists in the breast cancer field, including:

  • Genetic counselors
  • Breast health nurses
  • Medical oncology
  • Pathology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Primary care physician

  • Radiation oncology
  • Radiology
  • Research coordinators
  • Registered Mammography Technologist
  • Social services as needed
  • Surgeons

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