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Screening and health fair for uninsured women of Northern Kentucky.

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When: Saturday, October 5, 2024, from 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Initial Highlights of the Day

The See, Test & Treat event offered no-cost, on-site mammograms and cervical screenings to uninsured women throughout Northern Kentucky. St. Elizabeth Healthcare hosted the event with the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Foundation grant and support. It’s one way we fulfill our mission of making a difference in the fight against cancer, by providing vital screenings like pap smears for individuals aged 21 to 65 and mammograms for those aged 40 to 74.

This event helps remove barriers to care often experienced by women in our community. Each year, women who want to take charge of their health, join us at the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center and Breast Center in Edgewood, Kentucky. The event empowers women at all stages of life to prioritize their health and well-being.

Patient surveys confirmed that because of attending See, Test and Treat, the women definitely:

  • Felt more comfortable going to the doctor (provider)
  • Understood the importance of having a pap smear and screening mammogram
  • Know where to go for preventative medical care in the future

Participant Perception:

  • Volunteer and patient surveys indicated the event was very successful, and very well done for a first year. It was deeply needed and appreciated by the patients, community members/leaders, and staff/volunteers. People enjoyed the experience across multiple roles.
  • A patient’s daughter expressed their appreciation for the free care, how needed it is and what a great experience her mother had at the event.
  • A community partner noted the women “loved the friendly welcome” they received.



42 Pap Smears
47 Mammograms

Volunteers Day of Event


Volunteer to Patient Ratio


61 Non-clinical
12 Planning/Committee leaders
11 Pathologists/Lab Professionals
9 Providers
7 Medical assistants
5 Nurses and nurse leads
4 Education

(nurses, residents, and health educators)

Patient Care:

Patients were extremely appreciative of outreach and grateful for the care and expressed this during sign-ups/scheduling andat the event. The staff for the pap smears and the mammograms gave care, attention, kindness, and guidance to the women being seen.

Treatments included:

  • No-cost mammograms and same-day Pap test results.
  • A health fair with valuable information on staying healthy.
  • Vaccines against HPV at no cost.
  • Genetic testing option information.
  • Guidance on insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare or financial assistance.

Social Determinants of Health:

St. Elizabeth language need awareness was increased and addressed during event.

  • Patients were grateful for having lay and paid interpreters help make their visit smoother.
  • Patients felt part of the center and welcome here.


Women noted education was very helpful to them. Some women come from countries without any preventive care.

  • Example from a nurse educating: “While educating a patient about screenings/preventative health, she said in her country they don’t do preventative health care and a lot of times when they are diagnosed it is too late. She was very appreciative of us being able to provide her screening mammography and pap smears and education!”



A Day of Connection, Empowerment and Knowledge

The See, Test & Treat event offers more than just medical screenings. It’s a day that brings people together, provides valuable resources, and empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Empowerment is at the core of our event. We want you to leave with the knowledge and tools you need to prioritize your health and make sure your future is a healthy one. Whether it’s early cancer detection or access to essential resources, we’re here to give you control of your health.

Attendees received information and education about resources available to them in the community. One attendee noted that they need this type of information and access and often don’t know how to find it or that it exists. Extremely successful, run by our Integrative Oncology team and volunteers that day.

  • 18 community organizations participated, filling the entire ground floor Cancer Center hallway.
  • Staff noted they learned a lot from the community members/leaders at the health fair and were able to share resources back to colleagues for patient care.
  • Community leaders and organizations were grateful and excited to be part of See, Test, and Treat and at the event.
  • They noted they made connections with other community organizations and built relationships.

Languages Served


42 Spanish
10 French

6 English
1 Fulani

1 Aghem
1 Swahili

Pap Smears:
28 Spanish
7 French
4 English
1 Aghem
1 Fulani
1 Swahili

(separate individuals):
13 Spanish
3 French
2 English

Financial Assistance:

  • The Northern KY Health Department collaborated to see women at the event for future care. They saw 11 women plus any women who may have abnormal results.
  • They gave 6 HPV vaccines to uninsured women, and will follow up with them for their additional two shots to complete the series.
  • Our internal Financial Counselors saw 11 women as well.

Abnormalities Found


Pap smears:
3 abnormal results

9 abnormal screening mammograms requiring further diagnostic imaging.

Community Leaders:

Expressed appreciation to St Elizabeth Healthcare for providing much-needed free and accessible care for the community.

  • Two of our key community partners who participated in the Health Fair helped with patient recruitment and also helped during the day as needed for lay translations for wayfinding, etc.

Their words:

  • “I was so happy to be a part of this event. What a wonderful day of giving back to the community.”
  • “Amazing turnout. I want to say thank you for allowing us to be part of this amazing event. KAWA has so many connections with other organizations.” 
  • “We were so happy to be one of your community partners for this great much-needed event. I know there was a lot of work and preparations that went into Saturday. It turned out amazing, looking forward to connecting soon.”