What is Cardio-Oncology?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your heart may be the last thing you are thinking about. However, for many patients, cancer treatment can increase their risk of heart disease, or make existing heart problems worse. A cardio-oncologist specializes in caring for the hearts of cancer patients – helping patients manage current heart issues during and after treatment and reducing the risk of future problems.

Caring for cancer patients at risk of heart disease

While more people than ever are beating cancer, heart disease is the second leading cause of death among cancer survivors. That’s why St. Elizabeth has established a cardio-oncology clinic, focusing on the treatment of heart problems that can develop or increase during cancer treatment. Our cardio-oncologist works closely with oncologists at the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center to identify cancer patients at higher risk of heart disease and to personalize their care plans accordingly.

If you are a cancer patient and have concerns about how your treatment may impact your heart health, talk with your oncologist about a consult with a cardio-oncologist.

Dr. Sanford and Patient

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Dr. Darek Sanford

Dr. Darek Sanford, Cardio-Oncologist

Darek Sanford is a cardiologist with additional training in the emerging field of cardio-oncology, providing specialized heart care for cancer patients before, during and after treatment.

Kelly Garrett

Kelly Garrett

For Kelly Garrett, a diagnosis of breast cancer was frightening enough. Just when she thought she was beating it, she learned that she was experiencing heart failure as a result of her treatment. Then a heart specialist helped her beat that, too.

Unparalleled Heart Care

St. Elizabeth Edgewood has attained advanced certification by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association as a Comprehensive Cardiac Center, placing us in an elite group of hospitals that have met high standards to fully address the needs of patients with complex cardiac conditions.

The Joint Commission and American Heart Association Certification - Meets Standards for Comprehensive Cardiac Center