Surgical Oncology

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, our skilled surgeons offer personalized and compassionate cancer care. We understand each unique cancer journey, tailoring diagnostics, treatments, and support for you. Trust us to guide you through surgical options with expertise, aiming for the best outcome that meets your needs.

Elevating Care: Going the Extra Mile To Support You

Renowned surgeons in our Cancer Center and specialists across our health system are passionate about eliminating cancer. In all we do, we make you our top priority. That’s why you will find the latest innovations and the highest level of care at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Here you’ll find:

  • A cancer program awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer.
  • Care ranked High Performing by U.S. News & World Report in Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer Surgery.
  • Complete care and personal guidance.
  • Leading-edge, advanced therapies.
  • Personalized treatments.
  • Top doctors in their field.
  • Trusted care, close to home.
  • Tumor boards to collaborate across specialties.

Surgery to Treat Cancer

Surgical oncology is a specialized and comprehensive approach used to diagnose, treat and manage cancer. Surgery may be an option if we need to collect tissue samples for biopsy, diagnose and stage cancer, remove cancer cells or prevent cancer from spreading. We also use surgery as:

  • A preventive measure to keep cancer from occurring.
  • An option for reconstruction to help the body return to near-normal appearance or function.
  • Supportive approaches, such as the placement of a port for chemotherapy medicines

  • Palliative measures to improve your quality of life by easing pain or other symptoms.

We pride ourselves on delivering specialized care through a wide range of surgical procedures. Our teams use advanced techniques to treat both common and complex cancers with precision. From breast, lung and colorectal cancers to rarer forms like pancreatic, liver and ovarian cancers, we approach each person with personalized attention and a focus on improving their outcome and quality of life.

We offer minimally invasive procedures, including robotic-assisted and endoscopic approaches, as well as complex surgeries like the Whipple procedure and small bowel resection. We also offer laser surgery, laparoscopic operations, cryosurgery, radiofrequency ablation and Mohs surgery.

Our teams have performed thousands of complex surgeries; each member is a specialist in their respective field.

You Are Our Why

Individuals like Jim, Kelly, April and countless others inspire us each day to work toward ending cancer. Read their stories of hope and healing.

Nurse Navigators Help You Move Forward with Confidence

Welcome to the Ice Wolves, the coolest hockey team in town

Our nurse navigators are vital in guiding and supporting you through the cancer treatment journey. With their specialized knowledge and compassionate approach, nurse navigators offer constant assistance, providing valuable information, coordinating appointments and helping to navigate the healthcare system. They offer emotional support, answer questions and address concerns to ensure you feel empowered and well-informed.

By serving as a trusted advocate, nurse navigators steer you through the challenges of cancer treatment, enhancing your overall experience and providing personalized care every step of the way.

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