Welcome to the Edgewood Cancer Center!

At the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center in Edgewood, we can expand your options for prevention, screening, and diagnosis, while you can build a treatment program tailored to your exact needs. High quality, personalized cancer care is right here when you need it most.

St. Elizabeth Edgewood
Cancer Center Services

The St. Elizabeth Edgewood Cancer Center offers comprehensive cancer detection, diagnosis and care — all under one roof. With an emphasis on precision medicine and genomic health, screening education and prevention, clinical research and advanced, innovative technology, St. Elizabeth provides a seamless experience for patients undergoing treatment.

Virtual Tour

Dr. Doug Flora takes you behind the scenes on a virtual tour of the cancer center.

You Are Our Why

Individuals like JimKellyApril and countless others inspire us each day to work toward ending cancer. Read their stories of hope and healing.

Award Winning Cancer Care. Right Here.

St. Elizabeth Edgewood Cancer Center won the ACCC Innovator Award in 2023 by the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). This award honors cancer care center for the development of a care delivery model that demonstrates sustainable outreach for cancer screening, with a specific focus on at-risk and underserved patient populations.