St. Elizabeth Survivorship Clinic

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is committed to walk with you on your breast cancer journey, from your first appointment to finishing treatment and beyond. We know you’ll need support, guidance and reliable information to live your healthiest life as a breast cancer survivor. That’s why we offer the St. Elizabeth Survivorship Clinic – an important part of your ongoing journey and recovery.

It’s support that doesn’t stop with physical healing. We understand that cancer may also leave emotional scars. We can connect you and family members with counseling, resources and support groups.

Your Survivorship Visit 

The St. Elizabeth Survivorship team is focused on you. Our goals are to keep the cancer from coming back and give you the useful tools and guidance you need to make you feel confident and keep you healthy.

At your Survivorship Clinic visit, you’ll meet with a doctor and nurse navigator. Together, you’ll review cancer treatments you’ve received, including treatment dates, medicines and doctors’ names. You’ll also talk about side effects and discuss future follow-up checkups and lifestyle goals.

The visit also includes: 

  • A clinical breast exam.
  • A questionnaire to find out about risks and future concerns.
  • Help with managing current treatment-related side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, memory concerns and weight loss or gain.
  • Talking about healthy habits and goals for you and your family.
  • Reviewing support services for cancer survivors and their families.
two nurses help a patient in the cancer care center

Survivorship Clinic Locations

St. Elizabeth Edgewood
Nurse Navigator: (859) 301-2273
Appointments: (859) 301-9186

St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas 
Nurse Navigator: (859) 572-3681
Appointments: (859) 572-3681

As part of your Survivorship care, you can also receive physical therapy and take advantage of the LIVESTRONG program for twelve weeks at a local YMCA. The twice-a-week LIVESTRONG program is tailored specifically for cancer survivors, helping you regain strength, balance, flexibility and confidence – all in a safe, supported environment with compassionate professionals. Ask your Survivorship Clinic team for more details on the LIVESTRONG program.

Follow-Up Care

At the St. Elizabeth Survivorship Clinic, we are also here to help coordinate your follow-up care, including appointments with: 

  • Your radiation oncologist, if applicable.
  • Your medical oncologist, if applicable.
  • Your surgeon.

We’ll also map out future appointments for scans and discuss any warning signs you’ll need to report to your doctor.

You’ll leave the Survivorship Clinic with your personal “after treatment care” follow-up care plan in a special folder that helps you keep track of important information. A copy of your care plan will also go to your primary care doctor and oncologist. The Survivorship Clinic follows all NAPBC Breast Cancer Survivorship Care guidelines.

You can expect a nurse navigator to call a few months after your first Survivorship Clinic visit to check on how you’re doing with meeting your goals. Typically, regular checkups continue with your oncology team between your Survivorship Care visits. As always, we’re here for anything you need in your journey as a breast cancer survivor.

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