Savi Scout Radar Localization

Leading the Way in Advanced Breast Cancer Care

St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers the most advanced treatment options available today in the battle against breast cancer. Our surgeons are the first in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region to use the SAVI SCOUT® Radar Breast Localization System – state-of-the-art technology that precisely locates and guides the removal of the affected breast tissue during a lumpectomy or biopsy.

Until recently, surgeons relied on wire localization to mark a tumor’s location in the breast when doing a lumpectomy. In a typical procedure, before breast surgery, a thin, hooked wire is inserted into the breast, with a portion of the wire extending from the skin to mark where the tumor is located. The surgeon uses the wire as a marker to target the tumor’s location and guide its removal. The wire must be placed the morning of surgery, which is rarely convenient and may be uncomfortable prior to the procedure.

St. Elizabeth’s SCOUT® system uses a wire-free radar localization system to identify and mark the exact location of the breast tissue affected by cancer. This leading-edge technology paired with our surgeons’ expertise means patients have access to the latest advances in breast cancer treatment in a convenient, close-to-home location.

Moving Beyond Wires

With SCOUT®, a reflector about the size of a grain of rice is inserted into the breast tumor. The procedure is completed before surgery takes place. It can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience since there are no restrictions on how long the reflector can stay in the breast. The process is relatively pain-free. Once in place, the reflector will not affect daily activities.

During surgery, SCOUT detects the reflector and uses real-time measurements to outline the best path to the tumor. The system emits 50 million pulses per second and provides a 360° view to give the surgeon total accuracy and precision about the tumor’s location. Using SCOUT® allows the surgeon to remove the tumor precisely, which eliminates the need to take excess tissue to ensure all the cancerous tissue is removed.

Benefits of the SAVI SCOUT® Radar Breast Localization System include:

  • Increased convenience and reduced anxiety on the day of surgery.
  • No restriction on activities after placement.
  • Greater precision in locating the tumor and its boundaries.
  • Less unneeded tissue removal, which can lead to better cosmetic results.

At St. Elizabeth, we understand that dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis can be an anxious, stress-filled time. Our specialists use the most advanced technology available today, giving peace of mind that you’re getting the best care possible.

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