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St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers a wide range of cancer detection and treatment options. Services range from early cancer detection screenings, including those for breast and lung cancer, to therapeutic procedures such as brachytherapy (seeding) for prostate cancer.

State-of-the-Art Technology to Detect and Diagnose Cancer

The ongoing acquisition of new diagnostic equipment has significantly expanded St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s cancer detection capabilities and related oncology services. To start, St. Elizabeth is home to an in-hospital, dedicated PET/CT scanner. This form of medical imaging is the gold standard in the detection and staging of cancer. In numerous instances, PET/CT is able to detect cancerous activity in areas that appear normal on a CT or an X-ray. It is valuable not only in detecting an initial lesion but also in identifying secondary lesions and determining if the cancer has metastasized and into which areas of the body.

The latest diagnostic tool for use in detecting, classifying and staging breast cancer, 4D MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), is available at St. Elizabeth Healthcare as well. MRI of the breast is able to detect lesions that may not be visible on mammograms due to the size or location of the tumor or other factors. It also better allows for the early detection of multiple lesions in the same or other breast.

A low-dose CT scan can help detect lung cancer before it is visible on a standard X-ray and before there are noticeable symptoms. The screening requires a physician’s order and is recommended for smokers and former smokers. As a noninvasive procedure, the CT screening requires no advance preparation. Certain requirements apply.

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Early Detection Mattered for Kristy

“I’ve told anyone who will listen – early detection could have saved my life,” Kristy says. “We found my breast cancer early. If I hadn’t gone into the van that day for my mammogram, who knows how things could have turned out?”

Kristy Jones, Health & PE Teacher at Southgate Independent Schools

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Realizing that the treatment of cancer is far more complex than the utilization of technology, St. Elizabeth Healthcare assists in the provision of support programs to assist patients and their families dealing with the psychological and social aspects of the disease. Currently, the hospital offers support services through the Breast Cancer Support Group.

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Brachytherapy/Seeding of the Prostate

Wagih Shehata, M.D.

(812) 537-8104

Breast Care Center – Dearborn

(812) 537-8383

800-676-5572, ext. 8383

Breast Cancer Support Group

(812) 926-3927

CT Lung Cancer Screenings

For more information please call (812) 537-8105.

To schedule please call (812) 532-7500.

Mammography (Diagnostic or Screening)

For more information please call (812) 537-8383.

To schedule please call (812) 532-7500.

PET/CT Imaging

For more information please call (812) 537-8105.

To schedule please call (812) 532-7500.

4D Breast MRI

For more information please call (812) 537-8105.

To schedule please call (812) 532-7500.