Your Birthing Services Care Team

You’ll be the focus of an expert team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Family Birth Place in Edgewood, KY.

We have the experienced and dedicated labor and delivery team, right here, for you.

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Experienced Obstetricians, Midwives, Labor & Delivery Nurses, Pediatricians, Maternal Fetal Medicine Physicians, Neonatologists and Anesthesiologists

Obstetricians, midwives, labor & delivery nurses, and pediatricians are trained to respond to emergencies and are available around the clock, providing backup for your private physicians. Anesthesiologists are available 24 hours a day to provide you with anesthesia services.

If your condition should require delivery by cesarean, the staff and technology needed are immediately available. In addition, Maternal Fetal Specialists are available for consultation as needed

Lactation Consultants

St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers a dedicated lactation department, offering a full range of services. Lactations consultants are here to provide support as you breastfeed your baby. The one-on-one support from the lactation team is invaluable, as it is personal and individualized to meet your needs.

While all registered nurses in The Family Birth Place receive extensive training in breastfeeding assistance, Certified Lactation Consultants are also available for additional support and education. We provide in-patient and outpatient lactation support.

During your newborn’s first weeks, baby weight checks and telephone consultations are available at
(859) 301-2631.

In addition, the Women’s Wellness Boutique, located at Edgewood Cancer Center, carries a selection of nursing supplies all in one place. For more information call (859) 301-6200.

Pregnancy and Birthing Services

Genetic Counselors

Genetic counseling is the process of helping you and your family understand the prenatal testing and screening options available during pregnancy, including the benefits and limitations of each type of testing. Genetic counselors help you make informed decisions regarding genetic testing and help you choose the screening plan that is best for you. All the while, they provide support and resources to help families handle the psychological impact that genetic testing results may have on them and their families if a concern is identified.

Conditions routinely screened for during pregnancy:

  • Chromosome conditions (Down syndrome and others)
  • Anatomical differences (spina bifida, heart defects, etc…)
  • Other hereditary conditions based on your family history.

Other Professionals You May Encounter During Your Pregnancy Journey.

Throughout the course of your pregnancy, you may interact with additional providers and nurses in your primary care office. In addition, if prenatal education is needed, St. Elizabeth provides prenatal education free of charge.

While in the hospital, you may work with lactation consultants to provide breastfeeding support, pediatricians, social workers and chaplains available as needed.

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Your Award-Winning Team

The Joint Commission awarded St. Elizabeth Healthcare with a distinguished honor – Perinatal Care Certification. St. Elizabeth is the first healthcare system in Kentucky to achieve this certification, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality care with excellent outcomes for mothers and their newborns in the Tri-state area.

What This Means for You and Your Baby

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, you can rest assured that you and your newborn are in the best possible hands. From our OB physicians to specialized nurses, anesthesiologists, social workers and more – our interdisciplinary medical team is deeply committed to providing the gold standard of perinatal care to our patients.

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