Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

If your baby is born early or requires extra attention, feel peace of mind knowing St. Elizabeth Edgewood’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) holds Level III designation, the highest possible ranking. This means your newborn’s expert care team offers the most advanced, specialized care available.

A level of care above a special care nursery, our Level III NICU is staffed 24/7 with doctors and staff specially trained to care for the most fragile babies. At St. Elizabeth Edgewood Family Birth Place, our expert neonatologists, who care for newborns with serious medical problems, are always available.

Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Offers:

  • Ability to provide ventilation and other life-saving services to babies born under 32 weeks of gestation.

  • 24/7 neonatology and perinatology care.
  • Private NICU rooms which allow for decreased noise and lighting for delicate pre-term babies, reduced potential for airborne infections and also allow privacy for important mother-baby and father-baby bonding.

  • Family-Centered Care – we encourage you to actively participate in the care of your baby. You are welcome to stay and help care for your baby 24 hours per day.
  • Specialists from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.
  • Staffed by a highly-skilled healthcare team with specialized training to care for neonates needing expert medical care.
  • Our highly skilled team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, social workers, and pharmacists work together to provide specialized care to meet the needs of your baby. Access to additional resources including First Steps and Every Child Succeeds programs to ensure a healthy start.

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For more information about the services available through The Family Birth Place, please call (859) 301-2229 (BABY).

Awards and Recognition

Welcome your little one to the world at one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics. You’ll experience firsthand why we’ve earned several awards and certifications for our work with parents and babies. We’ve designed our birth center with you and your baby in mind, and we’re passionate about providing the safest, most soothing environment possible.

St. Elizabeth Edgewood: America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics

UNICEF – Certified Baby Friendly

St. Elizabeth Edgewood has been named one of America’s 100 Top Hospital by Thomson Reuters.

Holds the distinction of being one of the region’s first hospitals to receive Magnet® status, nursing’s highest honor, in 2006 and was re-designated Magnet status in September 2010 (at St. Elizabeth Covington, St. Elizabeth Edgewood, and St. Elizabeth Grant).

Rounding with Patients: NICU Moms & Nurses

Rounding with Patients” invites you into the heartwarming stories of NICU Moms and their extraordinary healthcare teams at St. Elizabeth Edgewood. From the first breath to overcoming challenges, these stories will inspire, uplift, and resonate with families who understand the journey of having a newborn in the NICU.

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