2023 Annual Report

Substance Use Disorders

Behavioral Health (SUD/DD): Making A Difference

Over 53,000 people in Northern Kentucky have a substance use disorder (SUD) or co-occurring mental health disorder (DD). Since 2013, leaders across our network have collaborated to build internal systems of care that respond to the needs of these patients. In 2023, St. Elizabeth’s efforts were praised by the Kentucky Recovery Ready Communities Commission, a body commissioned by the Office of the Governor to encourage community-based services that are person-centered and build strength and resilience of individuals, families, and communities.

Our efforts were highlighted as a significant part of Northern Kentucky’s infrastructure for SUD recovery which resulted in the Governor’s designation of Northern Kentucky as a Recovery Ready Community. Without question, since 2013, we have been making a difference for the people in Northern Kentucky with SUD/DD.

The 2023 SUD Annual Report reflects St. Elizabeth’s contribution to the regional response as orchestrated by the Internal Addiction Response Team. Download a copy of the report. The report covers five goals that are explained below. Click on each goal to read more information about the work that is happening and plans for moving forward.

Goal 1

To create partnerships and new resources that enhance systems of care for patients with mental health and substance use disorders.

Goal 2

Support local programs to improve the health and well-being of youth (prevention).

Goal 3

Reduce related harm for patients with behavioral health disorder including a reduction in drug overdoses, drug-related infectious diseases, and suicide.

Goal 4

Increase access to quality treatment form any entry point in the system.

Goal 5

Improve patient outcomes at Journey Recovery Center based on national outcome measures.

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