Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Substance use disorders are increasing at an alarming rate with devastating consequences for individuals and their families. Offering chemical dependency and drug treatment programs, St. Elizabeth Healthcare is a place you can turn to for help. The Journey Recovery Center can also help you on the road to recovery.

Journey Recovery Center

There are many pathways to recovery. Our Journey Recovery Center staff are uniquely trained to partner with you, your family, and other members of your healthcare team to create a 12-step-facilitated plan for recovery based on your specific needs.

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Activating Hope

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is proud to sponsor Enquirer Media’s “Heroin: Reclaiming Lives” series because we share the goal of educating the community, promoting resources available and affecting change in Ohio and Kentucky. Our collective hope is that more people in Greater Cincinnati understand the disease of addiction, the challenges of treatment and recovery, and the devastating human toll this epidemic is taking on families and the community as a whole. Most of all, we want people to see the hope that we see and join us to do what we can as a community.

St. Elizabeth has been at the forefront of confronting this community crisis alongside several valuable partners, leading important educational initiatives and awareness campaigns. Please visit our Activating Hope page for additional resources and awareness initiatives.

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Baby Steps Program

We understand the challenges a pregnant woman can face when she is struggling with substance abuse. This can be a very scary time because you don’t know if it’s safe to stop using the drugs, who you can trust, and you may fear legal problems or even losing your baby.

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Additional Resources

Click here for a progress report on alcohol and drug treatment services rendered in 2018 through Journey Recovery Center and other St. Elizabeth departments.