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Middle back pain? We can help.

Middle back pain can keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. It slows you down and makes simple tasks difficult or uncomfortable. St. Elizabeth Healthcare provides experienced, knowledgeable care to help understand the source of your middle back pain and relieve your symptoms. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s right for you: one that helps get you back to the activities, people and places you love.

Understanding the middle back

Your spine is divided into three parts: The cervical spine (neck), the thoracic spine (middle back) and the lumbar/sacral spine (lower back). Understanding the thoracic spine is the first step in identifying the source of your middle back pain. Treatments can also be tailored to the location of your pain, delivering more precise and effective relief. Learn more about your thoracic spine.

Today’s advances in thoracic spine treatments offer many options for patients. Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about back pain

Common thoracic spine conditions

There are many conditions that cause pain in your middle back. A few common conditions that affect the thoracic spine include: 

Common symptoms of thoracic spine conditions and injuries 

Back pain isn’t the only symptom of a back injury or condition. Learn about common symptoms of thoracic spine conditions and injuries:

Thoracic back pain relieve starts here 

Today, there are many treatment options for back pain – ranging from non-invasive approaches to advanced care and surgery. Your doctor may discuss treatments that include:

If your doctor recommends surgery to relief your middle back pain, your team will walk you through what you can expect during thoracic spine surgery and recovery.

Expert care, close to home

The team at St. Elizabeth includes surgeons and specialists with unmatched experience in diagnosing and treating injuries, conditions and diseases that cause thoracic spine pain. Physicians and accredited providers offer their insight on how to best treat your back pain. Meet our non-surgical doctors.

Call the Spine Center at St. Elizabeth at (859) 212-7000 and get started on the road to recovery.

When you need surgery, our experienced surgeons will map out a plan that’s tailored to your health, condition and symptoms. Meet our surgeons.