Medical Services

Sleep Disorders

The St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sleep Disorders Centers were established to assist your family physician in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with your sleep or ability to remain awake.


Sleep is a very important part of our lives. How well we sleep has a direct bearing on how we feel and our health. Some people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at night, while others find it difficult to remain awake during the day.

The most common sleep disturbances include insomnia, sleep apnea, periodic limb movements and shift work. There are many other types of sleep disturbances, including narcolepsy, sleepwalking, sleep terror and bedwetting. These problems can affect your ability to function normally and some may even be life threatening.

Understanding the importance of comfort and convenience we offer:

  • Flexible appointments
  • Full clinical evolutions and follow-up
  • Friendly, caring doctors and a multi-disciplinary staff
  • Board-certified sleep specialists
  • Registered polysomnographic technologists
  • Comfortable, hotel-like amenities
  • Private sleep study rooms with private bathrooms

SDC monitor_SMA team of qualified and experienced professionals using state-of-the-art diagnostic medical equipment monitor patients using a polygraph to record physiological parameters including:

  • Eye Movement
  • Chin Muscle Activity
  • Heart Rate
  • Brain Waves
  • Airflow (nose and mouth)
  • Abdomen and Chest Wall Movement
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Leg Muscle Activity

Special Tests

  • Polysomnography
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test
  • Multiple Wakefulness Testing