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Pet Therapy

Important Notice

Our patients’ safety is our top priority. Due to the health situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have made necessary adjustments to our Supportive Services. Please call us at (859) 301-4600 for current information about these services.

Providing Comfort and Care through Pet Therapy

Because a primary goal of hospice services is comfort care, Pet Therapy is an ideal option for providing comfort to patients who often feel isolated in the hospice setting.

Pet Therapy assists with:

  • Comfort care
  • Bringing back memories
  • Encouraging activity
  • Providing unconditional love

Healthcare experts say that hospice patients are noticeably more active and responsive during and after animal visits.

At St. Elizabeth Hospice we also use pet therapy as a bereavement resource with our STARS program. We believe that therapy dogs provide a welcome distraction from grief as well as emotional support and comfort when confronting grief.