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Our grief counseling services and our support groups are based on the STARS model, created by the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hospice Program. STARS is a Safe place in which participants can Talk about their grief, feel Accepted for what is thought and felt, feel Respected for what they need to do with their grief, and feel Supported as they meet together. This nurturing environment empowers individuals to explore their grief and through exploration, overcome the fear of grief.

For the past 25 years, St. Elizabeth STARS has been providing educational events to families, kids and teens.  Our Program also partners with local schools to provide grief services.

Specialized Support for Children and Teens

Children and young adults have unique emotional needs after the loss of a loved one. Many people assume that children are too young to really understand what’s going on. Children and young adults are also often sheltered from death and loss, in an attempt by those who care for them, to protect them. Adults dealing with grief may have a hard time themselves focusing on the needs of a child, in addition to their own.

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Child & Teen Programs

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All individual grief counseling services and groups are by appointment only. Prior to joining a support group, camp or an individual session, we request that you contact our bereavement coordinator to arrange a consultation.

For more information on our support group times, virtual options and locations, please contact us by phone at
(859) 301-4611, or by email:

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