Selecting an EAP


The following checklist is designed to assist you in selecting an EAP vendor.

  1. Does the EAP offer the option of both male and female counselors? _____Yes    _____No
  2. Are the EAP counselors STATE licensed or certified? _____Yes    _____No
  3. Do the EAP counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree? _____Yes    _____No
  4. Can the EAP provide resumes/vitae of each counselor? _____Yes    _____No
  5. Does the EAP offer day and evening appointments five days a week in Kentucky? _____Yes    _____No 
  6. What are the exact hours of clinical appointment availability? ______
  7. Is a counselor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? _____Yes    _____No
  8. Does the EAP have a formal supervisory referral process? _____Yes    _____No
  9. Does the EAP offer quarterly utilization/activity reports? _____Yes    _____No
  10. Is the EAP available to respond to company requests in a timely manner? _____Yes    _____No
  11. Are the telephones answered after hours? Explain how. _____Yes    _____No
  12. Is a counselor available to be on-site at your facility for an intervention? What is the response time? _____Yes    _____No
  13. Has the EAP ever lost a contract to another vendor? _____Yes    _____No
  14. Does the EAP offer client satisfaction/feedback? _____Yes    _____No
  15. Are the counselors employees of the EAP or are they private practitioners on contract (affiliates)? _____Yes    _____No
  16. Is EAP the provider's sole focus? _____Yes    _____No
  17. Is the EAP office designed for anonymity and confidentiality? Explain. _____Yes    _____No
  18. Can the EAP provide a list of training programs they offer? _____Yes    _____No
  19. Can the EAP provide samples of promotional materials? _____Yes    _____No
  20. Does each therapist have a minimum of three years post graduate clinical experience? _____Yes    _____No
  21. Does the EAP have clinical interns providing counseling? _____Yes    _____No
  22. Does the EAP have counselors trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD)? _____Yes    _____No