Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug/Alcohol Testing programs help to establish a safe, drug-free culture within the workplace. Drug screens provide critical information about potential and current associates for employers. Typical needs for employment drug testing include:

  • Pre-employment: Testing of a job candidate after a job offer is extended as a condition of employment.
  • Annual Test: Testing an associate annually.
  • For-cause and Reasonable Suspicion: Testing an associate who shows discernible signs of being unfit for duty (for-cause testing) or who has a documented pattern of unsafe work behavior (reasonable suspicion testing).
  • Post-accident: Testing associates who were involved in a workplace accident or unsafe practices to determine whether alcohol or other drug use was a contributing factor to the incident.
  • Random Testing: Tests associates using an unpredictable selection process to deter drug use.

  • Return to Work: Testing associates who return to work after a major illness or injury.

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DOT-Certified Drug Testing

Partnered with an HHS-certified laboratory approved to conduct urine drug testing for Federal associates in safety and security-sensitive industries regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Licensed Physician Medical Review Officers (MROs) who have been trained and certified to review the lab results and validate whether a test is positive. MROs receive laboratory-confirmed drug test results, determine whether there is a legitimate medical explanation for a laboratory-confirmed positive, adulterated, or substituted result, and review and report a verified result to the designated employer representative (DER) in a timely manner.

Drug Screen Services:

  • Urine Drug Screen
    • Lab and Rapid Testing
    • Panels to suit your needs.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Drug Screen
  • Collection Site

In-clinic and Onsite Services Available.

Always consult your legal or human resources team to determine which services suit your business’s needs. Not every service offered is appropriate for use by all employers in every state.

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