DOT Requirements


  1. Drug Free Workplace Policy
  2. Distribution of DFW Policy with employees signing receipts kept by the employer.
  3. Supervisory Training on Reasonable Suspicion (two hour minimum) – certificates and sign-in sheets of attendance to be kept in a file.
  4. Established Substance Abuse Professional for evaluations.
  5. Resources available for employees. (Example: EAP, list of telephone numbers)
  6. Randomly test 50% of your CD testing poll for the drug(s) outlined by DOT.
  7. Randomly test 10% of your CD testing poll for alcohol as outlined by DOT.
  8. Pre-employment drug screen all CDL holders.
  9. Post-accident screen all CDL holders as outlined by DOT.
  10. Obtain a two year history of drug testing for a potential CDL applicant prior to hire.
  11. Refresher training any time there is a significant regulation change.


Training for those who fall under DOT regulations. (Highly recommended – one hour) With a sign-in sheet kept in a file.