St. Elizabeth Family Birth Place Provides Safe, Reassuring Labor and Delivery Experience


Brittany Sorrell was well prepared for her third child’s arrival — and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, turning her carefully thought-out birth plans upside down.

Brittany, a former Educational Specialist at St. Elizabeth Healthcare and mom to two boys, knew she would be in great hands once she arrived at the Family Birth Place. “But the closer I got to delivery, the more anxious I became,” says Brittany. “I’m so close to my mom, my sisters and my mother-in-law, and no one could be at the hospital with us.”

“When I had to go into triage for the second time in a week, I was nervous, but the entire staff took great care of me,” says Brittany. “They made us feel comfortable and reassured me that they just wanted to monitor the baby and keep us both safe. It really helped me relax.”

After being monitored in triage, Brittany’s labor started progressing, and she was admitted into labor and delivery. She underwent a COVID-19 test — which was negative — and both Brittany and her husband wore masks, along with the nurses and doctors who were also in proper personal protective equipment. The extra layer of protection helped them feel in control.

“Once I was admitted, we stayed in our room as my labor continued,” says Brittany. “The nursing team was totally on it, giving me fluids right away and closely monitoring my blood pressure.”

Brittany’s nurses took pictures and videos throughout her delivery, making sure to capture all of the special memories, including the unforgettable moment when Brittany and her husband met their brand-new baby daughter. Brittany shared those keepsake photos with family and friends, helping her mom, mother-in-law and sisters feel connected when they couldn’t be there in person.

After a two-night stay at the Family Birth Place, everyone is doing great. They are all happy to be home and thankful for the excellent care they received at St. Elizabeth.

Brittany’s best advice for moms-to-be? Ask lots of questions.

“There are no silly questions when you’re giving birth!” says Brittany. “You’ll be supported by your nursing team the entire time. They know how nervous moms are – especially during COVID-19 – and they want to make it an incredible birth experience for you. They certainly did for us.”

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