Safety is a Top Priority at St. Elizabeth Healthcare


While we expect to see COVID-19 patients for some time,
St. Elizabeth Healthcare has been preparing for the long-term and has taken extra steps to provide you the care you need in a safe environment.

Dr. Heidi Murley, Clinical Medical Director of Surgery at St. Elizabeth Physicians, says, “In this new reality, you’ll notice some changes in how we provide care. We are prepared and ready to offer inpatient and outpatient surgeries to our patients safely while still being able to meet any unexpected increase in COVID-19 cases.”

We are applying additional safety measures to enhance the quality and safety of our care, including:

  • Pre-procedure COVID-19 testing for elective surgery and procedure patients.
  • Temperature and symptom screening before your appointment at our facilities.
  • Supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) that meet or exceed state-mandated minimums.
  • Visitor restrictions.
  • Mask use for all St. Elizabeth associates and patients in our facilities.
  • Enhanced and more frequent sanitizing procedures that exceed industry requirements.
  • Increased hand hygiene protocol for staff.
  • Social distancing in all areas of our facilities, including pre-and post-procedure areas.
  • Caring for COVID-19 patients in segregated areas of the health system, and centralized at one facility when possible.
  • Designated operating room for COIVD-19 positive patients at all facilities (only performing emergency surgery on COVID-19 positive patients).
  • Voluntary testing for COVID-19 and antibodies for all staff.

We are working with county, state, and federal officials. We are also watching the CDC guidelines for preparedness and treatment as they adapt to new knowledge or data,” says Dr. Murley.

Open for Elective and Emergency Surgery

The word “elective surgery” often confuses people. These surgeries range from joint replacement to hernia surgery and everything in between. ”Elective” implies it is optional, but it just means it can be planned. The term “elective” is used for any non-emergent surgery. Your doctor will advise you on what is elective based on your personal health situation and needs.

Dr. Murley adds, “St. Elizabeth Healthcare has many facilities and offices to serve the region. We have five different facilities with operating rooms, three hospitals, and two outpatient facilities. This gives us the ability to offer the region full-service and still be prepared to handle any COVID-19 patients we need to care for.”

If your surgery was delayed due to COVID-19, contact your doctor to reschedule. Appointments are available now, and most of our doctors can schedule surgery quickly.

St. Elizabeth: We’re Here for You

Along with the compassionate, expert care you’ve come to expect from St. Elizabeth, you can continue to expect a safe environment and an experienced team ready to care for you. Your safety and health are always our top priority.

Don’t delay your elective health screenings or medical needs. Early detection and treatment improves our ability to provide comprehensive and effective care for you. Visit for more information on what elective procedures are now available and what you can expect when you come to a St. Elizabeth facility.