Mako Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Is Game Changer


If you have hip or knee pain caused by arthritis you could be considering if a joint replacement is right for you.  You may be worried about taking the time out of your busy schedule for surgery and recovery. Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement may take that worry out of your mind.

Matthew T. Hummel, MD, an affiliated surgeon with OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine who practices at St. Elizabeth Healthcare says, “Any surgery has a period of recovery, but joint replacement with the Mako technology has improved the experience for our patients.”

What is Mako?

Mako is a surgical system that allows for precise planning of your joint replacement surgery. The system also uses a robotic arm during surgery to assist the surgeon in placing the joint and balancing the joint more precisely. It can be used for total hip and knee replacements, as well as partial knee replacements.

“I can measure and cut boards to build my house, and they’ll be just fine. Or I can use a laser-guided miter saw and make them perfect. With Mako, the surgeon is still doing the work. This is just another tool for the surgeon.” says Hummel.

Surgeons at St. Elizabeth Healthcare have performed over 500 surgeries using the Mako surgical system.

Benefits to the robotic-assisted joint replacement

There are numerous benefits to undergoing a joint replacement with the Mako robotic-assisted surgery, including:

  • Less invasive surgery – By preplanning the surgery using Mako, the surgeon makes smaller, more precise incisions to access the joint. 
  • More precise placement of implant – Using pre-surgical imaging, the surgeon can create a surgical plan using your unique anatomy to get the ideal placement of your new joint.
  • Better post-surgery motion and mobility – The Mako system allows the surgeon to align the joint and gives joint motion data so the surgeon can see how the joint will move during the surgery. This means you walk more naturally, sooner.
  • Shorter hospital stays – Patients can often go home the same day as surgery.
  • Less pain and more rapid recovery – A higher level of precision and accuracy and smaller incisions make for a safer procedure and less pain and a quicker recovery.

“Our ability to use this advanced technology can really change the world for our patients who need this joint replacement surgery,” Hummel said. 

Any patient who needs a new joint and hasn’t had a previous joint replacement may be a candidate for surgery with the Mako system.

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