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St. Elizabeth Sports Performance understands what it takes for athletes and individuals to perform at the highest level.  We take a comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of the athlete and the sport.  Whether the goal is to improve strength, run faster, jump higher, enhance power and explosiveness, or to improve any component of performance, our results-driven approach will provide the necessary training to achieve the goals of the athlete.  We employ a safe and effective training program for athletes of all ages and stages of athletic development. 

Our team of highly qualified coaches use their knowledge and experience to keep you healthy, progressing towards your goals, and ready for game day.

What to Expect

When athletes train with St. Elizabeth Sports Performance, they can expect elite level coaching that has shown to improve athlete and individual performance. Based upon chronological and training age, programming will be put in place that helps athletes progressively enhance sport performance. Programs are administered in individual, small group, and team training environments using a variety of training modalities. All the methods and training tools used are meant to challenge the athlete and usher them towards achieving their individual and/or team goals.

Student Athlete Smiles at the camera while performance a leg stretch.

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Our Team

Simply put, our sports performance team cares about the whole athlete. Everything that our team does is done with the athlete in mind. We understand that safety is paramount and comes first. With that said, our coaches hold degrees and certifications specific to the fields of exercise science, sports performance enhancement, and strength and conditioning. We know sports. We know performance enhancement even better.

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