At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping athletes stay injury-free and at the top of their game. We offer injury prevention programs as well as sports performance training for all ages and skill levels from student athletes striving toward excellence to weekend warriors looking to stay active.

The Athletes Maximizing Performance (AMP) programs are carefully designed to keep athletes learning, growing, and thriving — whether actively participating in a sport or in the off season. The AMP programs have been developed to help minimize the risk of injury by increasing strength, improving agility, enhancing balance and preparing you to excel.

Injury Prevention Programs

Our no-cost injury prevention programs, created in partnership with OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, combine educational and exercise-based tutorials. The targeted programs, including our ACL Injury Prevention Program and Upper Extremity Injury Prevention Program, guard against overuse and acute damage to injury-prone areas of the body.

Sports Performance Training

The Sports Performance Training program was designed to elevate an athlete’s individual performance and skill level. Led by a certified sports professional, athletes will be provided training to improve their strength and agility, reduce their risk of injury and overall empower them to conquer their goals. Class are available for all age and skill levels.

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Sports Performance Training

Elevate Your Performance: Improve your athletic performance with our sports performance programs. Led by a St. Elizabeth Sports Performance coach, our sessions empower individuals, groups, and teams, helping them conquer their goals, and improve strength and avoid injuries. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels.

Classes include:

  • Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ)
  • Return to Play
  • Strength and Conditioning
Two Student Athletes exercise with a weighted medicine ball.

Injury Prevention Programs

ACL Injury Prevention Program: Reduce the risk of ACL injury by gaining strength, agility and stability. The program is free, and designed for athletes with a wide range of no-cost training materials.

Upper Extremity Injury Prevention Program: Maintain the flexibility and strength in the hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders. Utilize our free online resources to keep these areas safe, strong and free of overuse related injuries.

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Our Specialists

St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine care is provided through:

In addition to exercises and educational materials, our programs feature a collaborative injury prevention team employing regional leaders in sports medicine and physical therapy.

Together, we offer advanced expertise and support to help athletes of all types and abilities achieve their personal best.