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The board-certified rheumatologists at St. Elizabeth Healthcare represent the best in their field with an exemplary dedication to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of rheumatic diseases involving joints, soft tissues, autoimmune conditions, arthritic and connective tissue disorders, and vasculitis (the breakdown of blood vessels due to inflammation).

Our expert providers stay on the forefront of the latest medical advances in the care of rheumatic diseases and conditions. Their high level training and experience allows them to develop management and treatment options specifically designed to improve your health and well-being. Our rheumatology physicians work together as a team and often collaborate with other specialists to help improve the lives of their patients.

Some of the rheumatic conditions we treat include:

  • OsteoarthritisA degenerative joint disease in which your cartilage and bone wear away the cushion in joints, causing pain, stiffness, and sometimes joint locking.

  • Rheumatoid arthritisA chronic disease that inflames the joint and causes the body’s immune cells to attack healthy tissue.

  • Psoriatic arthritis – A type of chronic inflammatory arthritis associated with the chronic skin condition psoriasis.

  • Connective tissue diseases (such as scleroderma, lupus and Sjögren syndrome).

  • Diseases of the immune system.

  • Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) – An inflammatory disorder that causes muscle pain and stiffness, primarily in the neck, shoulders, upper arms, hips and thighs
    Metabolic and endocrine diseases associated with rheumatic states.
  • Osteoporosis – Osteopenia, and other low bone density conditions.
  • Polymyositis/dermatomyositis – The inflammation of skin and muscles.
  • Polymyositis – The inflammation of skin and muscles.
  • Vasculitis – An inflammation of your blood vessels.
  • Gout – A common, painful form of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in your blood, causing swollen, red, and stiff joints.
An arthritic person's hand is held by a supporting hand.

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Our services include:

  • Laboratory services
  • X-ray services
  • Bone density testing
  • Infusion treatment—The administration of intravenous medications

Our board-certified rheumatologists have been recognized as experts in their field and are highly-skilled in administering innovative and comprehensive treatments. Our entire medical staff is made up of kind and caring individuals who take pride in providing patients with the highest-quality of personalized care available

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