Richard’s Knee, Hip & Shoulder Replacements

Total Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Richard Maier has been retired for 23 years and enjoying the freedoms of retirement. But Richard suffers from osteoarthritis which often affects multiple joints. Richard relied on the expertise of the St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center for his joint replacement procedures.

“First I needed a knee replacement, next was a hip replacement, and then I needed a shoulder replacement,” says Richard Maier.

At first, Richard was concerned about shoulder replacement surgery because he thought there would be a long recovery. But Dr. R. Michael Greiwe described his rotator cuff-sparing shoulder replacement surgery which has a much quicker recovery. Richard describes the recovery, “I was out of an arm sling in two days and driving in two seeks. I haven’t had any problems.”

Richard describes his decision to have joint replacement surgery, “I am a happy camper.”

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Surgical Options

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