ACL Injury Prevention Program Exercises

Our ACL Injury Prevention Program is a partnership between St. Elizabeth Healthcare, St. Elizabeth Physicians and OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. The program helps prepare athletes for successful performance and works to reduce ACL injuries. Our efforts focus on strength training and conditioning to improve balance, coordination and performance.


During pre-season training, we teach landing skills and the proper way to execute direction changes. These are critical skills that are needed to improve an athlete’s agility and reduce the risk of injury during play. For more information about the ACL Injury Prevention Program, contact the athletic trainer at your school or email us at

In-Season / Maintenance (3x per week)

Improving your core strength and hip muscles can help protect your knees and reduce the stress they absorb during movement. Activities focus on improving hip strength and flexibility, maintaining muscle balance, and developing proper jumping and landing techniques. Exercises and activities are done before and after practice three times a week.

BOSU® – Both Sides Up (this is a piece of equipment)
DL – Double Leg / Double Limb

FR – Foam Roller (or rolled towel)
SL – Single Leg / Single Limb

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