Golf Performance Program

You have the best equipment and you have taken numerous golf lessons. You are still not happy with your game and want to improve. Our performance specialist will analyze your golf swing and find the limitations your body has to efficiently swing the golf club. Improving your body and connecting it with your swing will help you hit every club in your bag better.

Our golf specialist, certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, is a licensed physical therapist who will help improve your game from a biomechanical standpoint. The golf performance program includes:

  • Titleist Performance Institute golf screen to assess joint stability and mobility  movement patterns specific to golf.

  • Video analysis to make the body-swing connection.
  • Individualized corrective exercise program.

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How our customized golf performance program works.

This unique program evaluates golf posture, and movement to ensure your golf swing is at its best. Program details include:

  1. Initial Visit – During your one-hour initial consultation session, your Titleist-certified medical professional will evaluate your swing and body movement using Titleist’s golf-specific movement screen and video analysis.
  2. Follow Up Visit – During your one-hour follow up visits, your Titleist-certified medical professional will review information from initial visit and add additional exercises needed to improve your swing.
  3. Home Exercise Program – At the initial visit and at the follow up visit, your Titleist-certified medical professional will assign needed exercises to change your body. You will do these daily at home and change your body. These targeted exercises will help establish proper balance, stability, and mobility resulting in your best swing possible.
  4. Fitness Training and Conditioning – We encourage you to get fit using a personal trainer to get your body ready for the demands of golf.
  5. Lessons from a PGA Teaching Pro – We encourage lessons from your teaching professional who can continue coaching you to the best swing possible.

The program is designed for the player trying to improve their game.

Meet our golf performance specialist, Stacey McConnell.

Stacey McConnell

Stacey McConnell is a physical therapist and a graduate of The University of Kentucky where he earned his Bachelor of Health Science in Physical Therapy. Stacey wants to be part of your team working with you, your fitness instructor, and your teaching professional to help you reach your golfing goals.

In addition to being a physical therapist, Stacey enjoys playing and watching golf. He appreciates the game as an important part of fitness for many and an outstanding game for a lifetime.


Bachelors in Health Science in Physical Therapy from University of Kentucky

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