Healers among Us

With the Healers Among Us program, your recognition and support celebrate the hope, dedication and compassion found throughout the halls of our facilities and in the hearts of our healthcare professionals. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact on our community and the patients we serve.

Patients and families often ask how they can thank an associate or group of caregivers who played a noteworthy role in their experience at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. The Healers Among Us program offers a unique opportunity. Whether through a heartfelt note or a financial contribution, your gesture of thanks supports the ongoing mission of St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Be inspired to thank or honor a St. Elizabeth Healthcare associate or make a financial contribution to support our work in their name.

Financial Gifts: Support Our Mission

At the heart of St. Elizabeth Foundation’s efforts is the unwavering commitment to providing exceptional, evidence-based healthcare to our community. Financial gifts, especially those made in honor of our dedicated caregivers, play a pivotal role in sustaining and advancing this mission. Each donation, regardless of size, is a powerful testament to the value of our work and the trust placed in us by those we serve.

These contributions are more than just funds. They are investments in the health and well-being of our community. Your financial support enables us to continue offering high-quality care, implement innovative medical treatments and ensure that the latest advancements in healthcare are accessible to all. It also helps continuously train and develop our staff, ensuring they remain at the forefront of medical excellence.

Your donations also contribute to critical research initiatives and community health programs, driving improvements in patient care and outcomes. By supporting the St. Elizabeth Foundation financially, you help us bridge gaps in healthcare, provide essential services to those in need and maintain our commitment to healing and hope.

Recognize a Healer

Whether it’s an outstanding physician, an extraordinary nurse, a cheerful housekeeper or a kindhearted chaplain, your tax-deductible donation can honor someone who went above and beyond and pays it forward for future patients and families.

By making a tax-deductible donation in honor of a caregiver, you show your appreciation and enable others to experience the same level of compassionate care. Also, the honored associate receives a special acknowledgment, recognizing their dedication to the patients and families we serve.

Share Your Experience

We believe every patient has a unique story on their healthcare journey. We invite you to share your experience and highlight moments of care, compassion and connection. Your personal stories offer a window into the heart of our healthcare services and showcase the profound impact our caregivers have on patients and their families.

By sharing your experience, you help tell a story of the human touch — one that represents our commitment to service. These stories not only celebrate the dedication of our staff but also serve as powerful testimonials to inspire and comfort others facing similar health challenges. Whether it’s a story of a life-saving procedure, a comforting conversation in a time of need or a small act of kindness that brightened your day, your experiences matter.

The Healing Power of Music

Inspired by her husband Fred’s care experience, Karen Burns expressed her gratitude and honored our associates by sharing the healing power of music. The Burns family donated a baby grand piano to the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center. Now filling the atrium with calming music, this beautiful instrument symbolizes how generosity can extend beyond financial contributions, creating a healing environment for patients and families. Their story is a remarkable example of how every act of kindness contributes to our mission of compassionate care.

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