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Explore the St. Elizabeth Foundation Donor Societies. Join a community of givers and make a lasting impact on healthcare in our region.

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We deeply value the spirit of generosity that drives our community. Our Donor Societies are a testament to this and celebrate the remarkable contributions of individuals and organizations that play a critical role in elevating the quality of healthcare in our region.

These philanthropic societies represent a shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. By joining a giving society that resonates with your values and vision, you become an integral part of a legacy of care and excellence.

Whether you seek to make an impactful one-time contribution or are interested in ongoing support, there’s a place for you to give. Together, we can advance healthcare, support vital health services and bring hope to countless individuals and families.

Samaritan Society

The Samaritan Society at St. Elizabeth Foundation honors the exceptional generosity of individuals and families who contribute $10,000 or more. These vital donations significantly advance our mission to improve community health. As a gesture of gratitude for their substantial support, members of the Samaritan Society receive special recognition within the Foundation’s community. We honor them on dedicated displays and invite them to exclusive annual Celebration Events, commemorating their crucial role in our healthcare mission.

The tiered levels within the Samaritan Society acknowledge various levels of giving, each with its distinct recognition:

  • Samaritan Diamond Society Membership: Contributions of $100,000.
  • Samaritan Platinum Society Membership: Contributions of $50,000.
  • Samaritan Gold Society Membership: Contributions of $25,000.
  • Samaritan Society Membership: Contributions of $10,000.

Individuals can become Samaritans, and organizations can support their friends and neighbors by becoming Corporate Samaritans. For more information, download the form or contact Kurt Moeller at

Caduceus: Honoring Medical Excellence and Philanthropy

The Caduceus group at St. Elizabeth Foundation celebrates physicians who excel in their medical roles and generously support our cause. These physicians earn the Caduceus distinction by contributing at the Samaritan Society and Heritage Circle levels, demonstrating their commitment to healthcare beyond the clinic. Their contributions help us acquire advanced medical technology, drive community health programs, and facilitate educational and infrastructural improvements.

Physicians can enroll online to become a Caduceus Member of the Samaritan Society or download the form. For more information, please contact Kurt Moeller at

Heritage Circle: A Legacy of Giving

Heritage Circle is a group of benefactors dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy through planned estate gifts. The visionary members of this circle ensure the continuation and enhancement of healthcare services for future generations. As a sign of appreciation for their foresight and commitment, Heritage Circle members receive exclusive invitations to Samaritan Celebration events, where they can witness the impact of their contributions firsthand.

For those interested in shaping the future of healthcare in our community through a legacy gift or for more details on the program, please contact Carri Chandler, Heritage Circle Member, at

The Gift of Health: Women United for Wellness

The Gift of Health is a giving circle that exemplifies the impact of collective action. It brings together women committed to fostering a legacy of healing, hope and support within our community. By contributing $500 annually, members can collaboratively select a St. Elizabeth Healthcare project to fund and support. This initiative promotes vital healthcare projects and offers a platform for members to socialize, network and connect with other Foundation donors at various events.

Register online to join the Gift of Health, download a form to submit, or email St. Elizabeth Foundation at

Benefactor Club: Supporting Care With Every Gift

The Benefactor Club is a vibrant community of donors within the St. Elizabeth Foundation who contribute between $100 and $999 annually. This society celebrates the collective impact of consistent acts of giving. We acknowledge members with a unique token of appreciation: a beautiful print created by renowned local artist Tom Gaither.

Are you interested in making a difference with your annual contributions? Join the Benefactor Club.

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