Volunteer Positions

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we offer a wide array of volunteer positions to best suit your talents and passion. Review the position categories below to help identify where your service will make the most impact at St. Elizabeth.

Administrative Support

Do you appreciate the importance of all the “behind the scenes” work that makes a department function smoothly? These positions will offer an office atmosphere, detail-oriented tasks, and the opportunity to be part of a team.

Guest Experience

Are you a “people person” and enjoy going the extra mile to assist others? These positions are best suited for outgoing individuals that aim to reduce guests’ stress during hospital visits.

Patient Assistance

Are you interested in interacting with patients and seeing to their non-clinical needs during their inpatient stays? Positions in Patient Assistance require self-motivated individuals who are able to anticipate the needs of patients and units and find value in task-based service.

Clinical Support

Do you have interest in the tests and procedures that aid in diagnosing and treating a patient? Clinical departments engage volunteers to assist with testing production, supply stocking, patient transport, and more; each task is vital to the care and comfort of patients.

Compassionate Care

Do you feel called to provide patients with conversation and companionship? These positions offer patient interaction and the opportunity to share information on St. Elizabeth’s compassionate care resources.

Non-Clinical Collaboration

Are you looking to share your specialized knowledge with the patients and associates of St. Elizabeth? Volunteers in these positions use lifelong passions and skills in areas such as finance, technology, facility infrastructure, and communication to improve the patient experience and the impact of St. Elizabeth in the community.


The spirit of hospice volunteering is borne from a genuine desire to give comfort, peace, and care to patients, caregivers, and families during the end of life. Our volunteers participate in a wide variety of areas including companionship, direct patient care and bereavement support for patients and families of the Hospice Program. Our volunteers also donate their talents in clerical work, sewing, knitting, crocheting and gardening. As a hospice volunteer, you become part of a person’s life when you are needed most.

Cancer Center

Do you have a passion for helping cancer patients through their journey? Here, patients and family members will receive personalized support from trained volunteers – many, themselves survivors – who provide patients with vital information for understanding cancer, integrative care, managing day to day through treatment and recovery, and finding the emotional, mental and spiritual support they need.

Paws for Patients/Therapy Pet Program

Do you have a warm-hearted pet who would enjoy visiting with patients, guests, and associates? Paws for Patients therapy teams brighten the days of those at St. Elizabeth through their cuddles and joyful demeanor. All teams are required to be certified through Pet Partners.

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