Volunteer Partners

The Volunteer Partners Program at St. Elizabeth Healthcare is an opportunity for youth (ages 12-13) and neurodiverse volunteers along with a partner (relative/guardian/coach) aged 21 and up to volunteer together. These partnerships would impact the patient experience by providing service at one of our Information Desks or Gift Shops.

Volunteer Partners

General Information:

  • Partners will be interviewed and placed as a pair; youth volunteers will not be permitted to volunteer without their adult partner
  • Youth Volunteer age range: 12-13 years (14+ may be considered)
  • Adult Volunteer age range: aged 21 years or older and a relative/guardian/coach of the volunteer
  • Available positions: Information Desk and Gift Shop
  • Minimum commitment of 20 weeks of volunteer service; service documentation will not be provided until a minimum 10 weeks of service have been completed
  • Volunteer Partners may apply and interview at any time throughout the year

How to become a Volunteer Partner team?

  1. Complete an Online Volunteer Application.
  2. Review the Medical Requirements listed below and obtain the necessary immunizations and/or records.
    • Birthdate prior to 1957: No immunization record required.
    • Birthdate of 1957 or after: Obtain proof of immunizations.
    • We require proof of 2 Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and two Varicella immunizations, or proof that you have had the disease.
  3. Call to schedule a Placement Interview at the location you are most interested in: