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Recommendations for Health
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Recommendations for Health
From our bones and breasts, to our hearts and reproductive systems, women have our very own set of health needs and concerns. For optimum health, we need medical experts who specialize in our care. We need the Women’s Wellness professionals at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Under the Women’s Wellness umbrella, St. Elizabeth has assembled the area’s leading experts in breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart health and genetic counseling.

Our Women’s Wellness Recommendations for Health brochures give you an overview of what you should be doing for your health at any age. There is a brochure for each specific age group, detailing information on healthy lifestyle habits, discouraging risky habits, and periodically getting certain screening tests.

Please click on any of the brochures below to download:

The information shared in these brochures are recommendations only. Please consult with your health care physician regarding risk factors and/or concerns.

If you need a healthcare provider, please call our free physician referral line at (859) 301-DOCS (3627).

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