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Assessment, and LDRP Unit

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Assessment Unit
The assessment unit, adjacent to the OB Unit, is devoted to outpatient assessment prior to hospital admission. Patients can be sent by their physician to the assessment unit and receive expert, short-term observation to determine if labor is in progress or to handle complications, often avoiding unnecessary hospital admission. 
Patients that have not yet reached their 12th week of pregnancy are usually seen and treated in the Emergency Department. 

You will complete your entire birthing experience (labor, delivery, recovery, post-partum - LDRP) in one room and usually remain in that room with your baby for the rest of your stay. All the birthing rooms are private and designed to encourage the mother-baby bonding experience. Your family can be involved and stay together as much as you choose.

With preparation and adult supervision, your new baby's siblings are permitted to be in the room while you give birth or after the baby is born. The Family Birth Place is committed to providing family-centered maternity care, encouraging and supporting the many benefits associated with the baby remaining with his or her mother throughout the hospital stay. However, The Family Birth Place also has a nursery available should the need arise for closer observation.

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