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St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine has been using ImPACTTM since the summer of 2010. Dr. Michael J. Miller is a Credentialed ImPact Consultant and both he and his staff have received training in the administration and interpretation of ImPACTTM. Dr. Miller has been managing concussions for area high school and college athletes who sustain a concussion since the clinic opened in 1988. 

The ImPACTTM Test is a computerized test which can help to measure the cognitive/mental changes that occur when an athlete suffers from a concussion. This test can be used after a concussion to help in determining an athlete’s return to play guidelines.

Why use ImPACTTM?

Dr. Miller examines an athleteReturning to regular athletic activity too soon after suffering a concussion can lead to serious consequences. ImPACTTM can help doctors determine whether or not an athlete is ready to return to play by implementing both baseline* and post-injury neurocognitive testing. Traditional neurological and radiologic procedures such as CT, MRI, and EEG focus more on identifying other serious concerns (including skull fracture, hematoma, contusion). By combining ImPACTTM with traditional tests, doctors are equipped with more than subjective observations or a patient’s self-reporting of symptoms to diagnose and manage a concussion.

*If baseline testing is not possible, ImPACT has a normative database of thousands of non-injured athletes, which can also be used for effective comparison.*

An athlete takes the computerized ImPACT testTo learn more about the ImPACT test visit St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine’s Frequently Asked Questions or ImPACT’s official website.

The concussion program at our Sports Medicine Center was featured on WCPO-TV 9. Reporter Shannon Kettler interviewed Clinical Manager Scott Helton and Medical Director Dr. Miller. The objective is to raise awareness and education among athletes, coaches and parents about concussions and concussion-like symptoms. To view the article and video, click here.

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