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When my husband and I initially signed up for Medicare, we just went with the health and drug plans recommended by an insurance representative. But, the $144-a-month drug coverage premium always seemed high. Then, I saw some information about free Medicare counseling at St. Elizabeth a light just went on.

After I saw this in the newsletter, I thought, “Why not?” The premium I was currently paying, I thought was excessive, but I never thought about changing or even knew I could change until I talked to (a St. Elizabeth Healthcare Medicare counselor) and she said I could change and that it was no big deal. She told me to come in and talk to her and we’d work it out. So I did, and she found two different policies for my husband and I and the premiums for both of them together are half the price of what I was paying previously. So I’ve been very glad I did it.
     ~ Jeralyn H., St. Elizabeth PrimeWise Member

I worked in healthcare administration for many years, but when it came time for me to enroll in Medicare, it brought about a whole new level of complexity.

The counselors at St. Elizabeth were invaluable. The whole process was mind-boggling. There are just so many different plans and things you have to do. I don’t know if I could have figured all that out without some guidance from them.

I think a lot of people just don’t know that they offer this free help. But, they can really help you. It’s just what they do.
                                                            ~ Madeline O., St. Elizabeth PrimeWise Member


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