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Q&A with Dr. Josiah Allen: The role of genetic screening for medications

Written by LINK NKY & Josiah Allen

If you have spent months and months trying to determine if a medication is working for you, you are not alone…and now, the doctors at  St. Elizabeth Healthcare are offering a new method to determine which medications will work best for you.

St. Elizabeth’s Pharmacogenomic Screening program, a cornerstone of precision medicine, offers a profound glimpse into the future of tailored treatment plans.

By examining an individual’s genetic makeup and medication response, St. Elizabeth pioneers a new era of personalized healthcare. This comprehensive program not only reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions but also streamlines the path to effective and efficient therapeutic solutions, marking a pivotal advancement in patient outcomes.

Dr. Josiah Allen, Pharmacogenomics Pharmacist for St. Elizabeth, shared more about how screening patients can help doctors select better medications for their condition.

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