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A Personal Team Dedicated to You

If you or your doctor found a lump during a breast exam or your mammogram results aren’t normal, your doctor will schedule a diagnostic mammogram or other tests to investigate further.

We understand this news can be unsettling. That’s why we have nurse navigators to help — to answer questions, explain what you can expect, and offer emotional support.

How Nurse Navigators Can Help

Nurse navigators are specially trained registered nurses who help you with all your needs during your care, from managing healthcare paperwork and scheduling conferences with your care team to offering advice on how to explain your diagnosis to your kids.

Think of our nurse navigators as compassionate, knowledgeable friends who are by your side throughout your journey to wellness.

We Accompany You to Appointments

It helps to have someone with you during meetings with your surgeon, oncologist or other members of your care team to explain anything that’s not clear. Nurse navigators are there to clarify what’s being discussed, make sure your team is aware of your needs, and offer emotional support.

We Educate You and Your Family Members

If you have questions about your diagnosis, upcoming tests or procedures, our nurse navigator team provides answers. You’ll have the information you need to make informed decisions about your care.

We Help Coordinate Care

Cancer treatment involves many appointments and several specialists, and our nurse navigators help you manage it all. Nurse navigators help arrange appointments, find services, work with insurers, and monitor follow-up care.

We Provide Resources

Our nurse navigators are knowledgeable about a wide range of resources — from insurance and financial assistance to counseling services, including our breast cancer support group. In addition, you’ll receive a free, comprehensive breast health manual from the nurse navigator team.

We Refer You to Specialized Programs

Based on your needs, our nurse navigators may refer you to our Hereditary Cancer program or other services available through our comprehensive cancer care program.

Nurse navigators take the time to understand your needs so you have the services, resources and support you need.