Anterior Hip Replacement

When you’re considering total hip replacement surgery, the anterior hip replacement approach provides fast recovery with less pain. The St. Elizabeth Orthopaedic team is offering this innovative, minimally invasive approach to total hip replacement.

Anterior vs. Posterior: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the traditional approach to hip replacement, known as posterior, and the anterior approach is where the surgeon makes the incision to reach the hip. The posterior approach uses an incision behind the hip, near the buttocks. It provides an ideal view of the hip, but the surgeon has to cut muscles that you use for walking. That results in more limitations after surgery and a longer recovery.

With the anterior approach to hip replacement, the incision is made toward the front of the hip joint, where it’s closer to the skin. The surgeon can access the hip joint without cutting muscles around the hip and thigh. That means:

  • You can return to a more active lifestyle sooner
  • Shorter recovery time with less pain
  • Fewer physical restrictions

The anterior approach requires advanced training, along with a special operating table that positions you for better access to the hip. The affiliated surgeons have the experience, and the successful outcomes you want when it comes to making the choice that’s right for you. Most people are candidates for the anterior approach. Talk to your doctor about whether it’s an option for you. 

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