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I had an abdominal sonogram performed at St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas. I was greeted by Tracy O. in the registration area and she took me upstairs to complete the sonogram.

St. Elizabeth is lucky to have an employee like Tracy working for them. She was personable throughout the entire procedure. Her ability to explain and comfort me throughout the procedure was wonderful. She is definitely an asset to the St. Elizabeth Family.
     ~ Janet B.; St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

I felt very well taken care of during my test. Mona’s concern for my well-being both during and after the test was very reassuring. I also appreciated the juice I had when I was finished and the diet advice.

I also want to thank LeeAnn for answering all of my questions. She was very thorough and attentive during my scan. I appreciate the time she took to explain everything about the procedure, and also the warm blanket!
     ~ Lisa B.; St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

I practically live in the hospital but have never been treated at Ft. Thomas. The team there worked together tightly and they were fast and accurate. I appreciate the kindness and the joy they showed me. They made me feel good. The doctor was also great. Thank you to the whole staff for everything! They made me feel comfortable.
     ~ Kim F.; St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

I was scheduled for an MRI (Brain) at the Florence location. I didn’t anticipate any problem but to my surprise when they put me in the machine, I panicked. Regina M. was the tech and she was so patient and nonjudgmental. She made suggestions and didn’t rush me; although I am sure she had other patients. We tried a few things but I still wasn’t able to stay in there. Regina mentioned that the Alexandria Imaging office had a bigger machine which gave a little more space. She said they had some success with this before and asked if I wanted to try that. She made all the necessary calls and arranged everything.

My sister drove me over to the Alexandria Imaging office where we were greeted by Shannon S. Regina had made Shannon aware of the situation prior to us getting there and she was also so nice and assured me that they would be able to help. She took me into the room and suggested things to help me. Regina had suggested putting a rag over my eyes but I was afraid that would be more confining, but Shannon suggested that too and so I tried it and surprisingly, it helped. However, I asked Shannon to just hold my hand for a minute so I could try to relax. It made all the difference. I was able to relax and get the test done. I even told Shannon that I was okay and that she could let go of my hand but she said she was fine and held my hand through the whole procedure. I really appreciated that too. All the techs there that day treated me with respect and were professional yet caring.
     ~ Kathleen M., St. Elizabeth Healthcare Imaging Patient

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