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St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s imaging/radiology staff is comprised of some of the best trained and highly educated technologists in the region. Each member of our staff is highly qualified with 2-4 years of training and has earned either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. Some staff members have also furthered their education by earning a master’s degree.

Patients who come to St. Elizabeth for their imaging/radiology services can be assured of quality care along with excellent imaging. In addition to our education requirements, technologists must also demonstrate their ability to perform all potential exams in their respective areas and sit for registries to become registered radiology technologists, CT technologists, MRI technologists, nuclear medicine technologists and ultrasound technologists. St. Elizabeth also has many seasoned veterans in its radiology ranks— making our knowledge and experience second to none.

At St. Elizabeth Imaging/Radiology, we understand how critical these tests and images are in attaining a diagnosis and in identifying the proper delivery of healthcare services. Our staff uses scientific knowledge, technical skills, patient interaction and compassionate care to deliver these important results. At St. Elizabeth, you are in great hands!

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