Wondering How to Keep Your Health Information Organized? MyChart Holds the Key


Keeping track of your personal health information may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve been relying on paper printouts kept in file folders year after year. Those days are over once you set up a MyChart account. Your personal patient portal, MyChart is the solution to organizing and accessing your health history.

MyChart puts your health information at your fingertips, all in one convenient place and without stacks of paper. When you login to your St. Elizabeth MyChart account, you can review past and current treatments, test results, medications, immunizations and more.

Why Electronic Health Records Are Key to Your Healthcare

MyChart is part of Epic, a leading electronic health record (EHR). This digital version of your medical and treatment records may also be referred to as your personal health record.

Using your EHR, your providers can view and share your health information instantly without having to transmit paper copies of records. That eliminates the challenge of how to get medical records from provider to provider quickly and efficiently. Your EHR makes it easier for providers to work together to care for you while keeping your health information secure.

How to Get Your Health Information When You Want Through MyChart

Using MyChart, you can quickly review your vaccination history, prescribed medications, summaries of past appointments, test results and much more from home just by logging in to your secure account at a time convenient for you. You can also share your medical record with providers who don’t use an EHR or give your providers permission to share your record with other hospitals or clinics when necessary.

MyChart can be used as a go-to resource for things like:

· Managing important documents, such as advance directives or your living will

· Creating and tracking wellness goals using MyChart’s Goals feature

· Receiving notifications for recommended preventive care, such as vaccines and health screenings

· Viewing information from personal health trackers synced to your MyChart account

Think of MyChart as the keeper of your personal health story.

For the Records

When it comes to your healthcare, the past is always present. That’s because previous medical conditions and treatments shape the present and future of your health. Taking the time to become familiar with your medical history is only half of the health-history equation. The other half is documenting your family’s health history. Keeping a record of your close relatives’ health information can give clues about conditions that may run in the family. This information can indicate whether you may be at higher risk for developing some diseases, such as certain cancers, heart disease or diabetes. If that is the case, talk to your providers to see whether you should take certain actions to protect your health, such as starting some disease screenings earlier.

Ready to access all your health information records in one place? Login to MyChart now.

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