What is Surgical Podiatry?


Our feet are an important part of getting us through each day. But if you have a problem with your foot or ankle, it’s tricky to know who to turn to for help.

For members of the Northern Kentucky community, the answer is close to home: St. Elizabeth Physicians Podiatry. Our team of podiatry specialists see patients with a variety of foot and ankle issues, ranging from painful foot and ankle arthritis to soft tissue issues, traumatic injuries or diabetic foot ulcerations.

Foot and Ankle Health

Many of us have heard of podiatrists – but do you really know what their role is in your foot and ankle health?

“All podiatrists are foot and ankle specialists,” says Dr. Bill Shamsi, a Foot and Ankle Specialist/Surgeon at St. Elizabeth. “Podiatrists are the only medical specialists that spend seven years dedicated to studying the lower extremity – four years in podiatric medical school followed by a three-year surgical residency in foot and ankle surgery. We are uniquely qualified to handle all types of foot and ankle problems.”

The St. Elizabeth Podiatry surgery team see patients of all ages with diverse foot and ankle issues. They are committed to managing foot and ankle ailments with various non-surgical and surgical procedures that alleviate pain and restore function.

Dr. Shamsi says that many patients suffering from arthritis – either post-traumatic or due to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis – can often struggle with pain for years without being evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist.

“A lot of times, foot and ankle pathology can be overlooked or missed by the patient,” says Dr. Shamsi. “This can lead to devastating consequences to the patient’s foot or ankle function if not addressed as soon as possible.”

For example, in patients with a flat foot, the St. Elizabeth Surgical Podiatry team can perform a surgical reconstruction without sacrificing the joints. By preserving the patient’s foot joints, the team is able to provide the patient with increased mobility and an overall better outcome. Patients who do not seek treatment typically end up with a painful joint fusion which can limit function.

“If you are struggling with any type of foot or ankle pain or have suffered from a trauma to the foot or ankle, make an appointment to come see us,” says Dr. Shamsi. “We provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan recommendations to all of our patients.”

St. Elizabeth Physicians: Your Partner in Foot and Ankle Health

The specialists at St. Elizabeth Podiatry are on hand to help with any of your foot or ankle needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (859) 212-0175.