Virtual Childbirth Class Connects Mom and Dad 800 Miles Apart


First-time parents Patti and Aaron Talbert were excited to enroll in a St. Elizabeth Healthcare childbirth class to prepare for their son’s arrival. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began, and their getting-ready-for-baby plans came to a halt.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare quickly decided to move childbirth classes online to allow parents-to-be to take classes in the safety and comfort of their own homes. This ended up being a blessing in disguise for Patti and Aaron because it allowed them to take the childbirth course “together” from afar.

As a member of the Army National Guard, Aaron is often away from home for extended periods. During the Talbert’s scheduled childbirth class, Aaron was training at a military school 800 miles from home.

“The virtual class let Aaron experience it with me even though he wasn’t home,” says Patti. “It was so great for us that he was able to still get the information and participate.”

St. Elizabeth Provides Support for Parents-To-Be

St. Elizabeth has worked to re-imagine many aspects of care during this unusual time. Adjusting childbirth classes to an online platform and offering the classes free of charge were ways St. Elizabeth could help parents-to-be feel prepared and ready for childbirth, even in a pandemic.

“We are so appreciative that St. Elizabeth adjusted course so we could still get this valuable information as parents-to-be,” says Patti. “It’s difficult to navigate becoming first-time parents during a global pandemic. St. Elizabeth was really there to help us.”

Safety is always a priority at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. During the pandemic, extra precautions are in place for parents-to-be and staff, including:

  • COVID-19 testing for mothers before delivery
  • Everyone must wear a mask
  • No visitors for St. Elizabeth patients, including siblings and grandparents
  • Only one support person in labor and delivery
  • Telehealth visits for regular questions and concerns

Patti and Aaron are thrilled to welcome their son in early September. They’re planning to deliver at St. Elizabeth Edgewood Family Birth Place. They feel prepared, thanks to their virtual childbirth class.

“As a military family that is not always together for milestones like this, it was amazing that we could both participate from different locations,” says Patti.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare — Your Safe Place for Labor and Delivery

For more information on childbirth classes at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, please visit Family Birth Place Classes or call 859-301- BABY (2229) for more information.

Our childbirth class team offers live online programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. For parents-to-be who would like to go through the material at their own pace, St. Elizabeth also offers the Gift of Motherhood Childbirth Education Program as an online option. This interactive, web-based program includes animated illustrations, videos and activities.