Is it too cold to go outside?


When the temperature in the Tri-State dropped  to single digits last week and schools called off classes due to the wintry weather, you may have been wondering whether it was safe to be out and about.

After all, if it’s too cold to send a child to school, is it too cold to send him or her outside to play?

We wanted to help you answer tough questions like this, so, with a little help from our neighbors to the north, we developed the handy infographic below.

When you’re considering whether you should head outdoors, keep in mind that the temperature is not the only consideration. Wind chill plays a huge roll. The thermometer may say 30 ° F, but it may feel more like -10 ° F when the wind chill index is accounted for.

Likewise, just because you are not a huge fan of the cold temperatures, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily too cold to be outdoors. For adults, it’s generally safe to walk (and run) in temperatures down to -20 ° F. There are special considerations for babies, however.

We want you to stay safe and warm this winter, so if you have questions, send them to us via Facebook message or email.


Is it too cold