St. Elizabeth now offers same day total hip replacement


St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy now offer same day total hip replacement as an alternative to traditional hip replacement. Total hip replacement is one of many outpatient orthopedic surgery options available at St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy that help you get back to living life without limits.

The St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center gives patients more options when it comes to joint replacement, including same day total knee replacement and innovations in shoulder replacement and other joint replacement procedures. These options mean you can recover from surgery more quickly and with less pain and rehabilitation. In some cases, you can return to the comfort of your home rather than staying overnight.

The outpatient same day total hip replacement surgery was recently performed with outstanding results. In this first case, the patient was walking without a walker or crutches and recovering on schedule two weeks after the surgery.

During the minimally invasive surgery, the damaged portion of the hip is removed and replaced an artificial hip (prosthesis). If you have chronic hip arthritis or other hip joint problems, this surgery helps relieve the grinding between the two surfaces of the ball and joint so you can walk and move without pain.


Multiple benefits of same day surgery

Same day hip replacement surgery is a great option if you meet certain criteria for surgery because it offers a faster recovery time. A big benefit is that you may be able to return to the comfort of your home immediately following the procedure, rather than staying overnight in the hospital.

However, Dr. Matthew Grunkemeyer says that not all patients who need hip replacement surgery are candidates for the same day total hip replacement. You may be a candidate if you meet certain clinical criteria, are motivated to return home the same day and have a home environment conductive to a health recovery.

The same day surgery is not for every patient, however it is a good option for those who qualify. St. Elizabeth also offers a minimally invasive technique, which means less cutting and therefore less pain and a shorter recovery time as well as spinal anesthesia, which numbs the area so you don’t feel any pain. This allows you to avoid having a breathing tube and the possible pulmonary complications that you risk from general anesthesia.

For more information about the same day total hip replacement surgery or other outpatient and minimally invasive joint replacement surgery options, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Grunkemeyer, please contact OrthoCincy at (859) 301-2663 or tune in today to St. Elizabeth’s Facebook Live Video featuring Dr. Grunkemeyer. He’ll be explaining more about the procedure and answering your questions at 12 p.m. EST.