New year, new goals: how your PCP can help your nutrition.


Health and fitness goals are at the top of many of our New Year’s Resolutions lists. It’s a great reboot after the hustle, bustle and extra fun of the holidays. But can your primary care physician help with your New Year’s Resolutions? The experts at St. Elizabeth Physicians say yes – in a variety of ways.

Step 1: Make an Appointment

First things first – our team of experts encourages you to start 2022 by scheduling a well visit with your primary care physician. Your appointment won’t take a lot of time out of your busy schedule, but it sets the right tone for the year ahead. You’re putting your health as a priority, and that’s a much-needed boost when you’re working on developing new goals and habits.

Step 2: Make a List

Make a list of your 2022 health and fitness goals – and then denote which goals you’ll need help with. Do you need a gym membership or recommendation for a yoga studio? Do you need a referral to a nutritionist for ideas on healthy, protein-packed foods to eat? Do you need a physical exam to get the green light to join a spin class or get enrolled in an employee incentive plan? Or maybe you’re struggling a bit after the holidays and need a recommendation for speaking with a mental health specialist. Get all of those goals down on paper.

Step 3: Talk it Through

At your well visit appointment, come ready to chat about your wellness goals for the upcoming year. Your physician is a great sounding board, and can provide recommendations and tips to get your health, nutrition and fitness moving in a positive direction.

In addition to reviewing your health and wellness goals with your primary care physician, it’s also important to use your appointment time to touch on the following:

  • Family history changes
  • Updates in your health
  • Changes or concerns in your mental health 
  • Current medications
  • Changes in chronic conditions
  • Immunizations, including the flu shot and shingles vaccine
  • Necessary health prevention screenings such as colonoscopy or mammogram
  • Routine bloodwork to check metabolic levels

Your visit will take less than an hour out of your schedule – and it could be the starting point of a great year ahead.

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