A New Surgical Table Can Reduce Complications from Hip Surgery


A New Surgical Table Can Reduce Complications from Hip Surgery

An innovative surgical table at St. Elizabeth Edgewood is changing the way patients experience hip surgery. The Pivot Guardian Distraction System is designed to minimize complications that patients frequently experience after hip arthroscopy and improve the surgeon’s ability to access an injured hip.

Dr. Matthew Grunkemeyer, an affiliated Orthopaedic Surgeon with OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine who practices at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, was a champion of acquiring the new table. He says, “This table will improve patient safety and the patient experience. It resembles an exercise machine to hold and position the patient to assist surgeons during hip arthroscopy. The patient’s feet are locked into position with boots which allow us to better position the hip during surgery.”

Advancements in technology for hip issues are leading more people to seek relief with hip arthroscopy. By 2021, hip arthroscopies are expected to increase by 18.5 percent. Dr. Grunkemeyer says, “In the past, patients may have just suffered with hip pain until the hip degenerated so much they needed a hip replacement. With today’s technology, we help preserve their hip longer with a minimally invasive surgery that has a much quicker recovery.”

Hip Arthroscopy with Pivot Guardian Distraction System

The Pivot Guardian Distraction System is designed to minimize complications after hip arthroscopy and improve the surgeon’s ability to access your injured hip.
Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure to diagnose and treat a wide range of hip problems including:

  • Hip impingement
  • Labral tears
  • Bursitis
  • Tendon repairs
  • Loose cartilage from a fall or injury

Post-Free Table Decreases Risk of Complications

What this table is missing, makes all the difference. Most tables used in hip surgery have a post positioned between the patient’s legs, in the groin area. The post can cause complications that can sometimes last for several weeks or longer. Instead, the new table uses the patient’s weight and the stabilizing boots to properly position the patient.

Benefits of the post-free table include:

  • Fewer complications such as skin tears, nerve damage or total groin numbness.
  • Innovative boot design to stabilize your leg and allow for better hip positioning.
  • Improved field of vision for the surgeon to more precisely access your hip.

Dr. Grunkemeyer explains further, “Advancements in hip surgery are allowing us to preserve a patient’s native hip longer. As technology advances, patients expect a solution that gets them back on their feet quickly. This table will help us minimize the risk of complications and allows the surgeons to get a better view of the hip to make the necessary repairs.”

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