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Life is busy, and sometimes important tasks, like making doctor appointments and requesting prescription refills, can unintentionally fall by the wayside. After all, these things take time, and on occasion, there just isn’t enough time for everything you need to accomplish in a day.

That’s why St. Elizabeth offers MyChart. By signing up for this easy-to-use app, you can make it easier to stay on track and ensure you’re meeting your health and wellness goals.

Take the Hassle Out of Healthcare

MyChart is a secure, convenient way to store and share your electronic health records and manage your healthcare needs online. With MyChart, you can:

· Schedule appointments. Manage appointments and receive reminders to make sure you never miss an important visit.

· Send messages to your healthcare provider. Communicate with your care team to privately get medical questions answered without having to find the time and place to make phone calls or leave phone messages.

· View test results in a timely manner. Test results are available for viewing much faster than receiving them by other methods.

· Request prescription refills. View your complete list of prescriptions and request refills with the click of a button.

· Access information about past visits and test results. If you have questions or need information on past appointments, your visit history and results are stored securely online.

· Pay your bill. Your current and past medical bills are available to view, and you can make convenient online payments.

· Schedule a video visit. MyChart makes it easy to make a virtual appointment and be seen by your provider online.

· Get important reminders. Receive notifications to schedule routine and preventive care, including vaccines and screenings.

Prioritize Your Health

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to put off important health-related tasks due to lack of time or inconvenience? MyChart makes it easy to keep your health a top priority while seamlessly helping you meet your wellness goals. Advantages of using the app include:

· Convenience. Get the information you need in one place, from the comfort of home or on the go.

· Security. Your health records and personal information are stored securely and never shared without permission.

· Time savings. You don’t have to worry about finding time to make phone calls or waiting for important information to come in the mail.

· Portability. You can use MyChart to share your health records with multiple providers if you need to see a specialist or have tests in a different facility. Hard copies are no longer needed, and your providers are sure to have the most up-to-date information to give you the best possible care.

· Peace of mind. If you ever have a question about whether you’re up to date on a vaccination or want to compare test results over time, MyChart offers the tools you need to follow your own progress.

Ready to make your health a priority? Login to MyChart now.

5 way MyChart can help you manage your health